Relocation Services

Looking to move a bed to another room in your house?

 Or are you moving house altogether and need your bed taken to your new address?

Bed Assembly Service can assist you with either your bed removal or bed relocation services.


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Same Property Bed Relocation

What is involved in this service?

This service is for those looking for a professional team to come to your property and dismantle a bed, or several beds, and then move them to another room for you.

 Once moved to the other room the bed, or beds, would then be expertly reassembled by the team.

All care is taken with our fully insured team while at your home. 

Different Property Bed Relocation

What is involved in this service?

This service firstly involves the Bed Assembly Service team coming to your home and dismantling your bed, or beds. 

Your bed, or beds, are then expertly wrapped for protection so they are ready for transportation in our own company fleet of trucks. 

Our team will then transport your bed or beds. to your new location. At the new premises your bed, or beds, are reassembled for you exactly where you are needing them to be. 

These professional relocation services ensure no bed parts are lost in transit. You can also feel assured in knowing your bed, or beds will be expertly put back together the way they were to start with.


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