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We understand how important it is to feel confident and comfortable when it comes to the bed or furniture assembly service company you choose. That’s why invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our customers may have. Our team carry a range of spare bed parts with them just in case…better to be prepared we say! This is definitely flat pack assembly services made easy for you, the customer.

Below you will find a description of the most common bed styles we assemble. 

Pricing is also listed for each style.


assembling a bed frame with slats

Slat Bed Assembly

From $60 (ex GST)

What is a Slat Bed?

The slat bed is your “typical” bed, being one of the most basic styles of flat pack furniture beds on the market. Slat beds generally consist of four flat pack assembly components: the head board, side rails, end rail and slats. Slats lay the length of the bed from head board to end rail. Some slat beds have more supporting parts than others, and hence take additional time for assembly. This is why the price for slat bed assembly is listed as a price range. Once unpacked, it will take our expert team member approximately 20-30 minutes to assemble your slat bed.

Bunk Bed Assembly

From $150 (ex GST)

What is a Bunk Bed?

The most basic bunk bed is the equivalent of two basic slat beds positioned one above the other. Some bunk beds have a gas lift lower bunk which increases assembly time. Bunk beds have many different variations as some come with trundles, desks, cubby holes etc. These additional components increase furniture assembly time, hence the fee range shown. Bunk beds require two people to assemble them – they are not a one man flatpack assembly job.

easy to assemble bed frame Grey Bunkbed
flat pack furniture

Gas Lift Bed Assembly

From $120 (ex GST)

What is a Gas Lift Bed?

Due to the complexity of their design, gas lift beds require additional time for furniture assembly. The basic gas lift bed has an assembled slat frame and does not have drawers. This style of gas lift bed will take approximately 45 minutes to assemble once it is unpacked. Some gas lift beds come with drawers and slat frames that also require assembling, hence taking additional assembly time. It’s important to note that some gas lift beds have drawers and trundles – each requiring additional space beyond the frame of the bed. Sufficient space must be left for them to move in and out as needed. Gas lift beds that have drawers and trundles may take up to 3 hours to assemble, hence the range of pricing listed.

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