Bunk Bed Assembly Services

A bunk bed describes a bed that is positioned directly beneath (or on top of) another bed.

The term ‘bunk’ refers to two beds that are closely positioned next to each other.

The most common style of bunk bed is that found in children’s bedrooms.


Bunk Bed Assembly Service Sydney

Basic Bunk Bed Assembly

From $180 (ex GST)

What is a Bunk Bed?

The bunk bed is basically two slat beds on top of each other. Bunk beds will have a ladder to one side. Bunk beds require two people to assemble them – one person will struggle to assemble a bunk bed on their own.  The basic bunk bed can be either two single beds over the top of each other, or a single bed over the top of a double bed on the bottom. Like your basic slat bed, bunk beds typically have normal slats and not orthopedic slats. One thing you should be aware of is the height of your ceiling. We have installed bunk beds where children have been jumping on the top bunk and have hit their heads on the ceiling due to ceilings being too low. A simple, but very important, oversight.  

Bunk Bed Assembly with Additional Features

From $240 (ex GST)

Some bunk beds will come with additional features, such as compartments, cubby holes or gas lift mechanisms (as shown in this photo).  These more complex bunk beds have more components and therefore require more time to assemble. Pictured is an Oliver bunk bed, put together for a Forty Winks store display.

bunk bed assembly

Bunk Bed Assembly with Additional Features (Continued)

From $240 (ex GST)

Due to the complexity of these bunk beds they do require a lot more time and care to assemble as there are so many pieces. If assembled in the wrong order you may find yourself pulling them apart and starting all over again! The bunk bed  pictured is a Snowbunk from Fortywinks. This bunk bed also comes with a bottom drawer. These bunk beds do take a few hours for our professional assembly team to install. As this particular bed has a double bed on the bottom, and also a drawer, space in the room of assembly is essential. Please be careful in your selection of a bunk bed – take careful measurements before you purchase to ensure this bed will fit as required.

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