Electric Mobility Bed Delivery Services
Electric Adjustable Bed Assembly Services

An electric mobility bed is often used by people requiring assistance getting in and out of bed. 

They are also very useful for people who are bedridden with medical conditions.

An electric adjustable bed is a more general style of electric bed.

This bed is used to recline or incline your head or legs.

Pricing for each type of electric bed assembly and delivery is listed below.


What is an Electric Bed?

Electric beds are designed to optimise your comfort. With a handheld electric controller the bed foot and/or head can be reclined or declined. This controller is sometimes corded and at other times it is remote and operated with batteries.

Electric beds often fall into two categories: electric mobility beds and electric adjustable beds.

Electric mobility beds are a great option for those whom have trouble with mobility and struggle to get in and out of bed. Being able to raise either the head and/or feet provide an easier experience getting in/out of bed. These beds are strong and sturdy and offer a supportive and comfortable bedding experience for those whom are bedridden with age or for medical reasons.

Electric adjustable beds are often available from general bedroom furniture retailers. These beds offer many possible positions and can assist with problems such as snoring, circulatory problems and relieving lower back pain. 

Electric beds offer comfort and convenience in the bedroom for those whom are looking for quality sleep.


Electric Mobility Bed Delivery

Delivery from $120 (ex GST)

Delivery of Electric Mobility Beds

We are happy to offer you the convenience of specialist electric mobility bed delivery. We also offer electric mobility chair delivery. Our team understand the needs of those in receipt of mobility aids.

Bed Assembly Service offer care, patience and empathy, knowing that some of our customers require that little bit of extra special attention and time to satisfy their needs.

We can dismantle your existing electric mobility bed if need be. In cases where access may be tight, we will pull apart your new electric mobility bed, then completely reassemble it once in your home.

Our delivery and assembly service extends to nursing homes also, whereby we follow all required safety, health and care procedures. 

Electric Adjustable Bed Assembly

From $80 (ex GST)

The bed shown here is a Tempur electric adjustable bed from Forty Winks.This bed is an example of a typical electric adjustable bed. As you can see, it can be positioned quite differently to your usual flat lying bed.

Depending on the size of bed you have, it may require two people to assemble your electric adjustable bed. This is due to the weight of these beds. They can be very heavy!

Particular attention has to be paid to setting up the height of these electric adjustable beds as they may come with several leg height selections that will determine your final height once your mattress is placed on top.

electric adjustable bed assembly
electric adjustable bed assembly

Can you deliver my electric adjustable bed too?

For an additional fee our BedAssemblyService.com.au team member can deliver your electric adjustable bed. Your bed can also then be professionally assembled so there is no downtime for you whatsoever.

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