Gas Lift Bed Assembly Services

A gas lift bed typically is a slat bed base that can be lifted to reveal a storage area underneath.

A basic gas lift bed has a simple storage space underneath the slat bed base. 

More complex gas lift beds have one (or more) drawers that are contained within the storage space.

Pricing for each type of gas lift bed assembly is listed below.


What is a Gas Lift bed?

The basic gas lift bed has an assembled slat frame and does not have any drawers. This style of gas lift bed will take approximately 45 minutes to assemble once it is unpacked. Some gas lift beds come with drawers and slat frames that also require assembling, hence taking additional assembly time. It’s important to note that some gas lift beds have drawers and trundles – each requiring additional space beyond the frame of the bed. Sufficient space must be left for them to move in and out as needed. Gas lift beds that have drawers and trundles may take up to 3 hours to assemble, hence the range of pricing listed.


Basic Gas Lift Bed Assembly

From $150 (ex GST)

What is a Basic Gas Lift Bed?

The basic gas lift bed is designed to give you added storage underneath the bed. The slat frame has the ability to be raised, thus allowing you access to the underside. Your basic gas lift bed will come with an assembled headboard, two side rails, a foot board and an assembled slat frame. This particular gas lift bed takes the least amount of time to assemble.     

Online Gas Lift Bed Assembly

From $220 (ex GST)

What is an Online Gas Lift Bed?

There is quite a big difference between buying a gas lift bed online as opposed to buying one from a retail store. The online purchased gas lift bed will come flat packed and they will have twice the amount of individual pieces, therefore taking much longer to assemble. Although you may save money in the purchase of these flat packed gas lift beds, the assembly costs are substantially more compared to the retail shop purchase.

It is usual practice that the retail store purchased gas lift bed will have most of the bed pieces pre-assembled. Assembling the online purchased gas lift bed slat frame and headboard usually takes longer than the complete assembly of a basic slat bed, just to give you a comparison. The online gas lift bed shown required the headboard to be assembled. The slat bed frame also had to be assembled with this particular bed, using flat boards as the slats. And finally, an end drawer was completely assembled.

gas lift bed assembly
flat pack assembly service brown gas lift bed

Another Gas Lift Bed Assembly in a Retail Store

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