Slat Bed Assembly Services

A slat bed is your typical, everyday bed.

There are 3 main types of slat beds : Basic, Orthopedic, and Basic with Drawers.

Pricing for each type of slat bed assembly is listed below.


What is a Slat Bed?

The slat bed is your “typical” bed, being one of the most basic styles of flat pack furniture beds on the market. Slat beds generally consist of four flat pack assembly components: the head board, two side rails, an end rail, (or footboard) and slats. Slats lay the width of the bed from side rail to side rail. Some slat beds have more supporting parts than others, and hence take additional time for assembly. Some of these basic beds may even have flat boards instead of slats.

Basic Slat Bed Assembly

Basic Slat Bed Assembly

From $80 (ex GST)

What is a Basic Slat Bed?

The bed shown here is a Kriss slat bed from Fortywinks. This bed is an example of a basic slat bed. As you can see, it is what you would call your everyday, or typical, bed. Due to the simple nature of this bed, the price for basic slat bed assembly is usually the cheapest of our bed assembly services. However, there is a price range due to the complexity of the different styles of basic slat beds. Once unpacked, it will take our expert team member approximately 20-30 minutes to assemble your basic slat bed.

Orthopedic Slat Bed Assembly

From $100 (ex GST)

What is an Orthopedic Slat Bed?

The bed shown here is of an online purchase of an Ovela King Bed from Kogan. An orthopedic slat bed consists of multiple slats that have individual plastic clips. These plastic clips attach to the frame of the bed. Orthopedic slat beds require more time to assemble than a basic slat bed. A King size orthopedic slat bed takes the longest to assemble due to the number of slats required, as opposed to a Single orthopedic slat bed that requires less assembly time. The assembly cost of orthopedic slat beds is slightly more than your basic slat bed. 


Basic Slat Bed with Drawers Assembly

      From $120 (ex GST)

This bed shown here is a Chicago bed from Fortywinks. Basic slat beds with drawers take a bit of time to assemble. They come with more workable parts then your basic slat bed and your orthopedic slat bad. Basic slat beds with drawers can come with one or multiple drawers. Sometimes the drawers come pre-assembled, at other times each individual drawer will require assembly. Sometimes the side rails will need to be assembled from multiple flat pack pieces – hence taking more time. 

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